I Grew Up Catholic and Hated It!

Having been raised in a Catholic household I struggled with religion and spirituality for most of mychildhood and early adulthood. My parents made me go to church on Sundays and we celebrated the various traditions and holidays. The ideas and dogmas of religion simply didn’t resonate and the concept of someone else telling me right and wrong just didn’t make sense. I believed in science and unless something was proven, it wasn’t real.

A Math & Science Dork


My mom always had an interest in “New Age” things but none of that resonated.
Then one day I watched a quantum physics documentary that rocked my beliefs, “What the Bleep Do We Know.” These were renowned scientists studying a field that at the time I new little about. Things in the subatomic world were acting very strange. Time and space weren’t constant. Ideas like clocks being taken out in space were out of sync when they were brought back. Atoms across galaxies could be connected and move instantly together. Our thoughts could influence the physical world around us!

“I realized science is only just starting to explain spirituality, the two were not mutually exclusive.”

I knew all this stuff but had no idea how to apply any of the things I was learning. I struggled with depression, anxiety, lack of self worth and went from one destructive relationship into another. I couldn’t find love no matter how much I felt I needed it to be complete.

So I continued to read countless books on the topics of science and spirituality, and listened to every thought leader or guru I could find. There must be a better way, something that I’m missing, something to help make life easier. So the search continued.

I was ready to give up…

Finally, after a failed marriage in my late 20’s, close to 6 figures in debt, in an unbearable amount of depression and anxiety I was ready to give up. I remember the moment, sitting in my living room alone, I finally accepted the idea that I had no idea what I was doing.
Everything I have studied and read, every single teacher, guru, or master I listened to, every audiobook, every course, it all made sense. What I had been searching for was always there. A simple and profound teaching. I missed it because I thought it had to be more complicated. It was meditation. Or mindfulness practice. Or sitting quietly if that resonates better. Whatever you call it, the simple act of sitting quietly and observing my thoughts and emotions has transformed my life in every imaginable way.

As of that one life defining moment, I have been able to live a life that I would have said was miraculous at the time. I began to live in greater and greater alignment with my deeper purpose and the seeming problems of my life vanished. The debt was handled, the love of my life was found, the depression and anxiety vanished, I found a happiness and peace that I couldn’t have even imagined, a profound connection to something bigger than myself, and the more I learned to let go, to go within, the better things have become.

Spirit Ninja’s is the culmination of my near two decades journey. I want to connect with others that are on a similar path, as well as, others looking for a better way. People from all walks of life that want to live in a deeper harmony and understanding. To have deep and profound conversations where we can all become greater versions of ourselves.